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Technology Innovation

Pavement Corporation is committed to using developing technology to improve your paving, from installation to maintenance to repairs. Here are a few of the ways Pavement Corporation uses cutting-edge technology to get you the best results.

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Smart Glasses

Smart glasses technology has come along way from the first pilot runs of Google’s proprietary Google Glass technology. Now smart glasses are being produced across the world by a slew of different manufacturers, and they have exciting implications for our work on pavement. Using smart glasses, our on-site workers are able to perform nearly every task they need technology for with just one piece of equipment, and do it wirelessly.

Smart glasses allow our on-site representatives to take and send pictures, check inventory, estimate repair costs, and interact with our digital systems all with one piece of hardware. This technology dramatically streamlines and accelerates the way the Pavement Corporation handles on-site work.

Mobile App

Pavement Corporation is pleased to introduce its newest integration of technology with business: the Pavement Corporation App for on-call repairs! This app allows you to request repairs and ask to get someone on site in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is a take a picture of the problem area of paving and send it to us, and we’ll take it from there!

Using the app to handle repair requests allows you to streamline account management. And because you can report the problem exactly like it is, including a picture, instead of some finicky drop-down form online or trying to explain it over the phone, we know exactly what the problem is and how to help right away!

Infrared Asphalt Repair Technology

Potholes cost consumers millions of dollars in damage to vehicles each year, yet it seems like they hardly ever get repaired. Even the potholes that do get repaired are often just filled in with cold patch and left to crack and become worse. That’s why Pavement Corporation uses infrared asphalt repair technology to address potholes, so the repairs stick and the pothole is gone for good.

Infrared asphalt repair works by superheating the asphalt from the inside with special equipment until it is pliable and “workable”. We then add a rejuvenating compound and work the asphalt back into shape, removing the hazard, before compacting and cooling. This technique is more labor-effective, more fuel-effective, and the repairs last longer than traditional cut-and-replace methods.The typical infrared repair takes about 30 minutes to complete and the area can be reopened to traffic immediately.