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Bridge Full of Potholes

Potholes are a major problem for Maryland drivers this year. Potholes created during this wet and cold winter are wreaking havoc on city and state roadways. Potholes are especially severe this year because of the unusual frequency of freeze and thaw cycles coupled with lots of moisture.

As reported in the Baltimore Sun:

This winter has been especially rough on area roadways, with snow, wide temperature fluctuations and salt brine all contributing to the cracking of road surfaces. City officials have been filling hundreds of potholes a day to keep up with the tens of thousands that have cropped up since December, and they say repairs will come soon to the Hanover Street span.

As Alice Ross rumbled across Hanover Street’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge early on the morning of Baltimore’s most recent snowstorm, her Subaru smashed into a large pothole obscured by the accumulating snow.

The 61-year-old Halethorpe resident, on her way to drive a friend to a medical appointment, instead continued directly to her car dealership in Glen Burnie, she said — where she was met with a $1,100 mechanic’s bill.

“I was petrified,” Ross said of the incident, which nearly sent her off the bridge. “What upset me more than anything: It wasn’t just a pothole. There were steel bars exposed.”

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