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Property Owners/Managers Beware! 4 Things to Keep Away from Your Parking Lot.

Parking lots are not a small investment, so the tiniest crack to the asphalt can cause quite the scare to any property owner/manager. Minor cracks can lead to major surface problems, which can also lead to unsafe trip hazards and eventually potential lawsuits. Because most parking lots are exposed to Mother Nature and of course, heavy traffic, damages are unavoidable. However, it is helpful to know possible causes for asphalt damage and tips to avoid them so you can take the necessary steps for preventative maintenance. Not only will it help you extend the life of your investment, but will save you a lot of money in repairs.

There are various reasons for failing asphalt, but below are four common and harmful causes to be cautious of when maintaining your parking lot:

Now that you know some of the main causes of asphalt damage, you can better prepare and properly maintain your parking lot. If you have any questions or are in need pavement repairs and/or services, please feel free to contact us at 855.976.8465 x1008 or info@pavementcorp.com.

Winter is Coming! Is Your Parking Lot Ready?

Winter is right around the corner and the frigid conditions can definitely take its toll on your parking lot. Freezing precipitation can put a lot of pressure on your asphalt and create deep cracks along the surface which can ultimately create foundation problems. The next thing you know, those minor problems have become MAJOR ones, and those inexpensive fixes are now EXPENSIVE repair projects. To prevent this from happening it is important to inspect your parking lot now and take the necessary preventative steps to prepare for the cold months ahead.

Three important preventative maintenance steps you can take to make sure your parking lot is winter-ready are asphalt patching, crack sealing and sealcoating. Below is a little more information about each of these procedures:


Asphalt Patching

Asphalt patching consists of removing the failed asphalt material to a specified depth and replacing it with new hot-mix asphalt. The depth of the repair is determined by the extent of damage to the existing pavement. Asphalt patching strengthens the weak areas and extends the overall life of your asphalt investment. After the asphalt patching has been completed, crack sealer and asphalt sealcoat are often applied to protect the pavement from further damage.


Crack Sealing

Sealing cracks is the most economical way to prevent future asphalt deterioration. Large cracks have much more movement with changing temperature conditions and need to be filled with a material that also has a high elasticity. Cracks more than a few tenths of an inch should be sealed with rubberized hot pour filler that seeps throughout cracks and hardens to prevent water from penetrating. Crack sealing is an important step for proper maintenance of your asphalt pavement and offers dramatic savings to your long-term pavement maintenance budget.



Sealcoating protects and maintains the life of your asphalt by keeping water from seeping into the asphalt, causing it to break down more quickly. It should generally be done every 2-4 years depending on traffic conditions and weather. The ideal time to seal a road is when deterioration is first discovered; thus saving expensive patching or repaving.


Don’t take the chance of costly winter damages when you can prevent them now. For more information about asphalt patching, crack sealing and/or sealcoating or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at info@pavementcorp.com or 855.976.8465 x1008.


Permeable Pavement: Saving Money and the Environment in Prince George’s County

Great news Prince George’s County, Maryland property owners/managers! In the effort to improve quality of life for its communities, Prince George’s County has partnered with Chesapeake Bay Trust (CB Trust) and is offering a Rain Check Rebate Program that promotes green solutions to stormwater runoff.  Stormwater runoff occurs when rain (or snowmelt) flows over the land picking up pollutants such as oil, grease, sediment and nutrient which make their way into local streams and rivers. As a Prince George’s County certified business and active members of its community, we would like to do our part and help improve stormwater runoff quality and reduce stormwater runoff quantity, as well as the health of our local waterways, by offering our services to help make this the Rain Check Rebate Program a success.

The Rain Check Rebate program allows property owners to get rebates for installing approved stormwater practices such as rain barrels, cisterns, rain gardens, green roofs, urban tree canopies, and our area of expertise, permeable pavement. As stated on the Chesapeake Bay Trust Permeable Pavement Fact Sheet, permeable pavement allows stormwater to slowly seep through (infiltrate), reaching the soil and replenishing the groundwater below the surface. A variety of permeable pavement materials are available, such as interlocking pavers, porous asphalt, pervious concrete, and manufactured grass pavers. Interlocking pavers consist of precast blocks (primarily brick or concrete) that are aligned in such a way that water is able to pass between the voids between successive blocks.



What are the benefits to property owners and communities?


Who is Eligible for a Rebate?

The following entities are eligible for a rebate: individuals, commercial businesses, multi-family dwellings, homeowner associations, condominium associations, civic associations, non-profit organizations, and not-for-profit organizations including housing cooperatives.  Individual members of a housing cooperative may apply for rebates under the residential incentives category.


How much can be awarded?

$4,000 for residential property owners; $20,000 for commercial properties, multi-family dwellings, nonprofit, and not-for-profit organizations, homeowners associations,condominium associations, and civic associations. Please see the eligibility requirements for more details.


For more information or to apply for the Rain Check Rebate Program, click HERE.

If you need an estimate or would like more information about permeable pavement services, contact us at info@pavementcorporation.com.