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Parking Lot Maintenance 101

It’s back to school time, so in keeping with the theme, welcome to Parking Lot Maintenance 101. Here you will learn few basic tips to not only keep your parking lot looking its best, but to also protect your investment and extend your asset life.

  1. Go for the clean sweep. Take the time to regularly sweep and/or blow your parking lot to keep it clear of debris like leaves, rocks, and dirt. This not only gives a better first impression to your customers, but it is also safer and can even extend the life of your pavement. Dirt and debris can cause drainage problems and lead to ponding and standing water on the surface which can cause it to break down over time and result in cracks and potholes.
  2. Check up on it. Preventative maintenance is key to extending your pavement life and not to mention saving you a lot of money. As with anything, it’s better to catch the small issues early before they become big and costly problems. That is why it is important do routine checks of your parking lot. Look for cracks, holes, standing water or anything else that you think can be harmful to your pavement. Repairing these issues when they first appear can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  3. Clear the way. It’s important to clear basins and maintain proper drainage for your parking lot. Water is the main reason pavements fail. When water seeps through the pavement, it can cause the base course to break down which can eventually lead to cracks, potholes, and other surface issues.
  4. Seek the Leaks. Look out for oil or any other car solvents/fluids that may have leaked onto your parking lot. Do your best to remove the stains as soon as possible. Not only are the stains unattractive but like water, they can also break down your pavement and weaken the surface.
  5. Weed it out. Weeds can sometimes grow through cracks in pavements, and even though they may seem harmless, they can also cause a lot of damage to your surface. Their roots can push through the pavement, break down its surface, can create trip hazards.
  6. Fill in the blanks. Make sure to get any cracks or potholes filled as soon as possible. This will help to keep out water and vegetation, which can cause long-term and irreparable damage to your pavement.
  7. Take a load off. Heavy vehicles that carry a lot of weight like garbage and delivery tucks can wear on your parking lot and cause dips and sink holes to the surface. To prevent this from happening, limit the number of heavy vehicles that drive on your lot or rotate parking areas if possible.
  8. Keep it SEALED. Be sure to sealcoat your parking lot every 2-4 years. Sealcoating slows down the natural breakdown of your pavement by preventing water, debris, sunlight, oxygen, and other elements from seeping through and penetrating the surface.
  9. Freshen-up. Keep your parking lot looking fresh and new by restriping/repainting any faded pavement markings. This not only increases curb appeal, but also helps with the traffic flow and safety of your parking lot.
  10. Go Pro. Don’t know where to start or what do? Ask for professional help. Pavement Corporation offers free pavement assessments and will provide you with a customized maintenance plan to address short and long term issues that will help protect your investment and extend your asset life. Contact us today.