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About Us

Pavement Corporation has been providing superior paving and exterior hard surface installation and maintenance services since 1995. For more than twenty years, we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure our client’s roadways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces are expertly planned, professionally installed, and impeccably maintained.

We pride ourselves on the quality of care we’ve been able to provide for our clients for the past twenty years. Our expert team of experienced pavement professionals carefully assess each client situation to enhance your brand, reduce your liability, and extend your asset life. Using the latest techniques and cutting edge technology to coordinate our teams on the ground, Pavement Corporation is also an industry leader in repair and maintenance response time.

From the planning stages to installation to maintaining your paved surfaces, Pavement Corporation is your complete pavement solutions provider. No matter the job, we are truly the one-stop shop for all your pavement repair, maintenance and installation needs.

5 Core Values at Pavement Corporation

If you think you possess these 5 Core Values, and would like to join our rapidly growing
team, please send your resume to: humanresources@pavementcorporation.com.