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5 Tips to Protect your Parking Lot against Snow Damage

Even though Jonas, aka the Blizzard of 2016, made its way through the Mid-Atlantic last weekend, the Winter of 2016 is far from over.  More snow and freezing conditions in the area is likely and, therefore, additional damage to your parking lot is also likely. Leaving your parking lot unprotected can turn small cracks and holes into major repairs, resulting in major damage to your pocketbook. If you weren’t prepared this time around, here are a few tips to help prepare your lot for the next major snowstorm:

  • Protect from Snow Plows – Even though the intention of snow plows is to help parking lots and roadways by clearing them of snow, they can also cause damage, especially if there is an inexperienced driver behind the wheel.  To protect your lot against snow plows, make sure your parking lot is cleaned and rid of any loose objects (i.e. rocks, litter, dirt, etc.) that the snow plows could run over and ultimately crack your asphalt with. Also make sure you put visible markers along the curbs to protect driveways and pathways.
  • Shovel Often and Correctly – As you may know, the freezing, thawing and refreezing of water can cause extensive damage to your parking lot. That is why it is important to develop a habit of shoveling as often as it snows to decrease the amount of time this cycle occurs on your pavement. Also make sure to get expert advice on choosing a shovel so that you are not using one that is too sharp and damaging to your lot.
  • Check Your De-Icer – De-icing agents can be rough on your pavement. For example, rock salt is damaging to porous asphalt and cement. It may be best to use a milder product such as potassium chloride instead.
  • Fill Cracks and Repair Puddles – Be sure to fill any cracks and repair any water puddles you see on your parking lot surface. You may want to get professional help for this. Professionals can find smaller cracks, and even the preliminary signs of cracking, and fix them before they become much larger problem areas. When water gets inside cracks, it freezes and then expands. The surrounding asphalt relaxes when the ice melts. The constant freezing and thawing can cause those cracks to become longer and wider and eventually result in potholes. Repairing puddles before this process can help to reduce the threat of potholes, which will protect the longevity of your asphalt parking lot.
  • Repair Potholes – Repairing potholes immediately can help prevent more extensive damage to your lot. If potholes appear in your parking lot this winter, fix them as soon as possible. One option may be infrared repairs, which is the technology we use year-round at Pavement Corporation to repair potholes quickly and seamlessly. Infrared asphalt repairs are actually 1/3 less of the cost of traditional repairs and 80% more environmentally friendly.

To have one our Project Managers come out to assess your property for cracks and potholes and provide recommendations to protect your lot from the winter weather, please click here or contact us at 855.976.8465 x1008 or info@pavementcorp.com.